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KML Associates



Asia Pacific is experiencing double-digit growth in the manufacturing market, fueled by Strong business push in China and India, with a demand increase for manufacturing services. With developments in SEA, Taiwan and China moving forward in component and contract manufacturing, our Industry Associates has a developed a network specializing in regional and in cross-border searches, reaching out to expanding markets where niche industrial talents are needed. Our industrial clients include:

  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Industrial Heavy Equipment
  • Component Industries
  • Contract Manufacturing

Life Science

Asia has seen the maturing of the Life Sciences industry over the last several years, with an expanded end user market and emergence of specialized sub sectors. India, South East Asia with Singapore, and China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan have come to the forefront, seeing a global paradigm shift in Asia becoming centres for R&D, biologic manufacturing, and requirement for research products fuelled by governmental initiatives, drug discovery and private Research.

Our Life Science specialized consulting team has been established to see to the need of the Life sciences arena. We work with multinational companies in the following segments:

  • Biotechnology¬†& Research Product Principals
  • Devices & Diagnostics
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Pharma & Contract Research

Logistics and Supply Chain

Contract Logistics face challenge in meeting hub demands, from the management leadership in operations and in managing a fluctuating work force. The establishment of distribution centers for SEA, in HK and China has also seen an increase in demand for the sector. KML through its Logistics partner provide a one stop solution to our Clients in the following:

  • Hub Placement
  • Logistics Supply Chain Search